Protecting your iPad and iPhone has never been more fun! ...or cuter! ...or safer!

Speck iGuy for iPad

Meet iGuy - the freestanding protective foam case to suit your iPad. Just try to resist the outstretched arms of this little green monster! He also comes in orange (mango), red (chilli pepper) and purple (grape) so there are no tantrums over whose iPad is whose or the fact that he doesn''t match your decor.

This lightweight and easy to hold dude will protect your iPad from the rough and tumble of your other little monsters - or angels, depending on the day/time/number of babycinos they've had - when they explore the brilliant new world of interactive apps.

Speck iGuy is made from tough non-toxic EVA foam and stands on his own two feet, even when he's holding an iPad.

iGuy colors